Breach of Trust

Fight to clear your name of Breach of Trust Charges

Saluda Law, LLC represents those who are being investigated for and have been charged with committing a Breach of Trust. Call today to get help!

Breach of Trust is the charge that is used when someone is accused of criminally using money or property entrusted to their possession for their own use. If you need a Breach of Trust attorney in Lexington, Saluda, Edgefield, or McCormick, call today to get help. Breach of Trust is considered a property offense in South Carolina and subsequent offenses can carry higher consequences. The amount in question also determines the penalty. Some Breach of Trust cases are misdemeanors and others are felonies.

Breach of Trust cases are tried in Summary Court, the Magistrate and Municipal Courts; and in Circuit Court, in General Sessions terms of Court. If you are need a Breach of Trust Lawyer for Lexington County, Edgefield County, Saluda County, or McCormick County, then please call the firm.

The firm has experience representing  defendants charged with Breach of Trust. If you need a Breach of Trust defense lawyer in Edgefield, SC, Saluda, SC, McCormick, SC or Lexington, SC call Saluda Law, LLC.


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