Lexington, South Carolina

Helping people in a growing town in a big county. 

Saluda Law, LLC is proud to be here for the people of Lexington and Lexington County, South Carolina. Lexington has been growing steadily for years with new businesses and people moving in to enjoy the benefits of life in Lexington, South Carolina. Saluda Law, LLC is here to serve the needs to those who need legal services in Lexington, SC.

Saluda Law, LLC is here for the people of Lexington and is ready to handle your Lexington criminal defense matter. The firm understands that sometimes the people of Lexington need a criminal lawyer.

The firm has experience in dealing with the 11th South Carolina Judicial Circuit Office of the Solicitor, which prosecutes cases in General Sessions Court in Lexington. If you have a criminal case in Lexington, call the firm today for help!


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